Increase efficiency, margins and service with real time vehicle and delivery tracking.

KEEP READING is a cost effective, highly scalable cloud-based solution that accurately tracks and predicts the arrival time of a vehicle or delivery to a particular location.


real-time tracking of multiple mobile assets with geofencing alerts and notifications


predictive analytics increases arrival estimation and planning accuracy


historical fleet data enabling route optimisation and real time on demand scheduling for efficiency and fuel cost savings


We work across a range of industries and verticals. If you're delivering, tracking or moving something, we can help optimise it.


we have delivered solutions for, or partnered with, these leading companies and organisations

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How it works utilises recent advances in AI and machine learning to increase the accuracy of prediction. Solutions can be based in the cloud and are scalable.

  • Route of the vehicle

  • Current and historical traffic conditions

  • Historical driver and job data

  • Other sources including weather

Industry-leading tech

  • Optimisation Constraints

    Various constraints - time windows, capacity, driver, geographical, time in vehicle, priority

  • On-the-fly Optimisation

    Optimise once or optimise when a new event occurs - response within seconds

  • Machine Learning

    Increase the accuracy of arrival predictions using Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics

  • Not Rate Limited

    True on demand API service

  • Geocoding and Address Validation

    Validate addresses before optimisation to ensure delivery to correct premise

  • Anomaly Detection

    Detect and notify when a delivery or vehicle is not following their designated route

  • Custom Vehicle Modes

    Bespoke vehicle modes can be supported - not just the car, bike or on foot!

  • Geofencing

    Geofencing can be used to trigger notifications to customers

Who we are

The management team comprises three highly experienced professionals based in Australia:

Dave Hepworth

Is a founder of and is focused on improving efficiencies around optimisation and the last mile.

Cyrus Allen

Brings extensive market development experience to the company and is one of the founders.

Emma Wild

When not ensuring the smooth running of the day to day, Emma is busy undertaking R&D.